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Intel Still The Choice For Gamers As Of 2018

It has been over a year since AMD released their Ryzen line up to compete the fast paced market of processors. Before the Ryzen series CPUs, AMD was struggling to keep up with competition like intel.

The Ryzen processors promised better content creation and better streaming as a whole. With faster rendering speed it was not even a competition but when it came to gaming things looked totally different. With Intel beating AMD in 1080p gaming, this was a huge drawback and it still is because majority of the gamers can only afford 1080p gaming.

Recent steam hardware survey shows that 84.8% of steam users are still using intel. Clearly this means that even after all this time gamers prefer intel over AMD. Even the better price to performance ratios weren’t good enough for gamers.

The gaming industry alone makes up 75% of the total computer users worldwide which makes it one of the most important targets for brands like Intel and AMD. Given how AMD advertised their processors things here are looking quite the opposite and in favor of Intel. Only time will tell on who will dominate the markets but for now Intel are on top and are not threatened at all.

Ibtehaj Temuri

Ibtehaj Temuri reporting from duty. My interests generally manoeuvre around video games, animation and works of fiction. Love to have a chat and any sort of criticism is worth my while.
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