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Sneak Peek To What Might Be The New HTC U12 Life

The HTC U12 Life is the successor to the infamous HTC U12+. HTC have been making questionable moves in terms of their flagships. They straight up released a high end phone in 2018 with no notch and no buttons.

Sneak Peek To What Might Be The New HTC U12 Life 4The above picture shows what perhaps be the base geometry of the new smartphone. Looking at the picture we clearly see that the phone resembles a lot to the Google Pixel and at the front we still don’t see any notch. Clearly the U12 Life is to carry the DNA of it’s predecessors, having no actual buttons and a 2016 design. At the back we see the classic dual camera setup which HTC have been putting in all of their phones.

HTC aren’t really trying to become the best. It is clear to see that they are still in the past and with other brands pushing the limits, HTC is nowhere to be found. Their last flagship did not succeed and with the Chinese manufacturers in the market things are going to get worse and worse for HTC.

We await for further leaks and rumors but looking at the situation I don’t think that HTC are going to make a comeback in the market soon but all we can do is wait and hope for the best.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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