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Enthusiasts Flock The Walking Dead: The Final Season As The Franchise Dies – Episode 3 & 4 Coming Soon

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
Usman Abdul Jabbar
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Telltale Games announced earlier that they are intending to finish The Walking Dead: The Final Season for good after a number of partners decided to show their interest for the franchise and its audience. Being the final season of the game, it would have been a complete shame if Telltale would have abandoned the final season of the game. As promised, the folks over at Telltale have finally released the second episode for The Walking Dead: The Final Season in an effort to put the game to rest.

With the second episode now out, players have flocked the game in an effort to find out what seemed to be a distant reality before the announcement. The Walking Dead: The Final Season has seen an influx of over 4,000 players. There are four episodes in total in the final season of the game. As promised by Telltale Games earlier. episode 3 and 4 would be coming out soon following the launch of episode 2.

The game hadn’t been receiving the attention the developers had been craving for over the past few years. Players did not find these seasons. Not only were the folks over at Telltale Games reusing the same old game engine for the past few years, but they also found themselves riddled when it came to keeping the enthusiasm of players in check. Since their initial launch with the first season of The Walking Dead, they found themselves to be branching out too much which led them not being able to translate the loyalism into sales.

Given that players are still waiting for episode 3 and 4, this means that the studio should remain in operation for the next few months before ceasing all operations.


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