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Epic Games Reveals Plans For Fortnite Accounts – Unlink & Merge Fortnite Accounts From Consoles

After Sony changed their stance on crossplay, today, the folks over at Epic Games revealed its plans to finally fix a few restrictions locking down players to certain consoles. Epic Games plan details that they are planning to allow players to unlink their consoles from their Epic Games account. In addition to that, if players created additional accounts just because of the fact that they weren’t able to access their Epic Games account on other platforms, players should now be able to merge them to create a unified experience. With these changes in place, we should be expecting the total number of registered accounts to take a dip for a while considering that a ton of players had to create new accounts. On a dev said:

For players who created an extra account to play Fortnite on multiple console platforms, we’re working on two things:

  1. An account-merging feature to combine Battle Royale purchases, coming in November.

  2. Enabling unlinking a console from one Fortnite account, and relinking to another Fortnite account. Coming in a few days.

The news came in as a pleasant surprise as Sony finally embraced the cross-play nature Nintendo and Microsoft had been thriving with for the past year or two. Sony added that they’re willing to put in the time and effort to optimize the final cross-play experience by working on the technical aspects of the game.

Sony had earlier been under fire for not enabling cross-play for a number of games stating to their player base that “PlayStation is the best place to play” and further fumed the issue when Fortnite and the Nintendo Switch came along. With Fortnite being the hottest game of the year and being supportive of crossplay, players found themselves furious as players were unable to access their paid in-game items, as well as log into their Epic Games account if they linked their account to a PlayStation 4 in the past.

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