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Gaming Industry Revenue Up By 7% In August 2018 – Madden NFL 19 Leads The Pack, 4th Best Seller YTD

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August has proved to be an incredible month for gaming. The gaming industry’s revenue has increased by 7% in August and is expected to soar higher this month and in October. Analysts report that Madden NFL has become the fourth best selling game of 2018 with over 664K units sold less than a month into its launch on consoles. In addition to that, revenue for the gaming industry has risen to US $8.47B globally, says SuperData.

Not only is Madden NFL 19 the best launch for the folks over at EA, but it has proven to be the best launch for EA since the beginning of 2018 according to the stats retrieved from NPD. The success of Madden NFL’s massive success could be due to the early launch schedule rather than the typical late August launches we’ve been eyeing on for the past few years.

Followed by Madden NFL, Monster Hunter World also finds massive success amidst the plethora of games. 2 Million units is the figure of copies we’re being told has been sold on the PC alone. The game now averages around 100k active players on PC, according to the stats retrieved by SteamCharts obtained on September the 26th. The game now sits among the top 10 most active games on Steam and has been steadily dropping its position since.

Far Cry 5 remains the best-selling game of the year and does seem to be quite a sweet game to stay there. With EA’s Battlefield V and Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 making their way down the line within the next two months, it would be interesting to see how both of these games shift the tides on these charts and numbers, especially since they’ve both adapted to the Battle Royale demand. Whether they live up to the hype would be seen at a later date, but for now, the initial launch numbers matter the most for the two franchises.


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