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Newer Batches Of The Pocophone F1 Fixes The Touch Latency Issue

The Pocophone F1 has met its fair share of issues since it’s initial launch last month. Not only was the Pocophone F1 plagued by a number of issues, but they also introduced a few screen scaling issues that let down a lot of people. What has been our main issue with our Pocophone F1 has been the issue regarding screen latency. Over the past week, we’ve managed to get ours replaced without a hitch and to my surprise, it seems like the issue regarding touch latency on the Pocophone F1 has been fixed.

We’ve been using our newly replaced Pocophone F1 for the past week and are yet to experience any issues regarding the touch response time.

It’s a common theme and recommendation to not jump onto new tech as soon as they come out. Earlier this month, we reported about the Pocophone F1 experiencing touch latency issues as well as a number of other issues regarding the display of the device. While we weren’t alone complaining about the issue, it sure seems like the early batches of the Pocophone F1 do suffer from this issue.

For the price of just $299, I still do think that the Pocophone F1 is an incredible device for the price. Now that the issue seems to be fixed, I would be hardpressed to see Xiaomi not fixing issues affecting the notch and corners of the device.

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