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Xbox Throws Shade At Marvel’s Infinity War Crossover As PlayStation Enables Cross-play For Fortnite

Microsoft’s social media team is definitely one humorous team. Recently, the folks over at Xbox decided to throw some shade the folks over at Marvel for their Infinity War crossover where Marvel claimed that “Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history”.

The tweet came after Sony decided to change their stance on crossplay on their PlayStation 4 family of consoles. Now, players from any platform should not be able to queue up in Fortnite as Fortnite’s Season 6 approaching in full swing. Whether you own a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One or even a mobile device, thou shall now settle your Fortnite feuds.

In addition to that, today, the folks at Epic Games also announced a few changes regarding how their accounts work and how linking and unlinking your Epic Games account would be much easier from now on. Furthermore, players who were caught up in the PlayStation 4 cross-play debacle and were forced to create extra Fortnite accounts should now be able to merge their accounts together as well as be able to access their in-game paid items.

This is amazing news for the gaming community, as well as a clear indicator that Sony definitely did consider the change a while ago. After receiving a ton of backlash from their own player base as well as from other players, this was much needed. Before the decision was rolled out, players who had logged into their Fortnite account on a PS4 were unable to login into their Epic Games account elsewhere. This meant that players were unable to access their paid inventories as well as being unable to be able to play with their friends on other platforms. The decision was later mocked by both Nintendo and Xbox in a Minecraft trailer where they both touted “Better Together” as the slogan for promoting crossplay.

Needless to say, Microsoft’s excellent strides in making gaming as open and fair enough has paid off. Whether they did these practices to cover up for the failed Xbox One launch from 2013 or as a sheer desire to become as pro-consumer they could be, it’s definitely welcome in everyone’s book here. This lead to a revolution of games being added to the Xbox Play Anywhere program that allowed Xbox One and PC gamers to play with each another regardless of their platform as well as share their saves and purchases between both of the platforms.

In other news, also read how Microsoft is playing with Sony’s PlayStation 5 announcement by announcing their next-gen console prematurely at E3 2018.

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