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Apple “Inclined” To Not Block Unreal Engine Development/ Distribution, States Judge

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Ibtehaj Temuri
Ibtehaj Temuri
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The Apple-Epic case itself has escalated more than what anybody might have thought. Both the companies holding on to their strict policies with very little leeway have ended up in a rather tense situation where the other is more than reluctant to back down. What started from direct payments to Epic resulted in Unreal Engine being cut off from state of art Apple hardware.

In a recent hearing about the ongoing case, the arguments made by both the sides were brought to light by Mark Gurman on Twitter. The judge stated that the dispute regarding store policies and app payments are a civil disagreement with no inclination to punish Apple. However, Apple’s move to completely block off Epic’s Unreal Engine is a step too far and that she is Inclined to resume the normal affairs. It is indeed true that the disruption brought on by this latest event hurt not only the executives but even the smallest of developers.

With Microsoft hopping on the bandwagon going upfront with its support towards Epic Games, things are expected to settle down sooner than later however there has been no concrete decision made. The longer it takes for this issue to resolve, the stronger the damage especially to those who make a living out of app production on iOS. All we know for now is that Apple’s Retaliatory move has brought major concern for Epic Games and the fact remains that Apple’s store policies are not to be meddled with. For a company that holds extreme pride in its closed system, there’s very little room for changes and that is clearly reflected on this whole fiasco.


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