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Battlefield V Will Have 60 Hz Servers On PC & 30 Hz On Consoles

Less than a month remains for Battlefield V to release on PC and Consoles. Battlefield is considered to be the most awaiting first-person shooter. As of 2018 following a series of hype trains David Sirland finally officially took it to Twitter to answer a few questions asked by fans. He confirmed that Battlefield V multiplayer will take the same approach as Battlefield 1.

This means that the multiplayer servers will house 60 Hz tickrate servers on PC & 30 Hz tickrate servers on consoles. Tickrate basically improves the fluidity and smoothness of the game adding stability and a better experience overall. Now, this gives a slight edge to PC gamers but Sirland did hint that they will be actively working to enhance the experience and to improve the servers. This could possibly mean that consoles for the first time ever in Battlefield could get a chance to experience 60 Hz servers on classic 64 player modes.

When asked about higher refresh rate servers he added,

“Oh 120hz is of course supported for smaller modes when they enter the fray”

Which has been the trend with Battlefield since Battlefield 4, this also means that consoles will be provided with better tickrate in smaller game modes which is always a good thing. The Battlefield version of the Battle Royale mode has also been teased and has built hype quite well.

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