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[UPDATED]Epic Games Takes Note Of Communication Outage In Fortnite – Under Investigation

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
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Epic Games has definitely been on top of their game when it comes to noticing the community’s behavior. They’ve taken notice of players complaining about players being unable to chat while taking part in lobbies as well as issues pertaining to the joining of squads. In addition to that, Epic believes that many players are unable to see their friends in-game. They’ve taken notice by updating Epic’s official status tracker.

[8/Oct/2018] Epic has just announced that they have fixed the issue within hours of noticing it. All parties, lobbies and friends should be up and running as expected.

We’re investigating an issue with our Social service which is impacting players attempting to join their friends as well as friends appearing in the social panel. There is potential that sending messages may also be affected.

In typical Epic Games fashion, we’re expecting them to fix the issue as soon as possible. Given their record of taking issues into account, expect Epic to fix the issue within the next few days. Given that this isn’t an issue pertaining the game itself and it is an issue from what seems to be on Epic’s side, players would most likely not need to download any updates to fix the issue. Until Epic’s official word, we’re going to have to wait and see how this turns out. Regarding normal game play, take note that doesn’t seem to be an issue at this moment and that the issue is not affecting everyone at this moment as this is a partial outage rather than a full outage.

Do keep your heads up for more Fortnite news and before you go, in other news, read how Epic is raking in more than $3.5 Million in revenue from just mobile devices every day on average across the globe.


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