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Nvidia Users Reporting Tons of Issues with the RTX 2080/2080Ti GPUs – DOAs, Crashing & Stuttering Reported

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After the cryptocurrency mining hype has died down, a lot of consumers have upgraded their GPUs to Nvidia’s latest offerings, the RTX 2080 and the 2080Ti. After around 2 months since the announcement of the new GPUs, a plethora of RTX series GPU users are complaining about various issues. Online forums are packed with users reporting problems with their RTX series GPUs.

One peculiar thing to note here is that almost everyone is getting issues after around 2 months since the launch. Multiple users are reporting their RTX GPUs dying or crashing soon after purchase. The issues are mainly with Founder’s Edition models, aftermarket RTX GPUs are doing just fine. Here’s what one user reported on Reddit after his newly-bought 2080Ti FE died:

“Today, after all my midterms, I sat down and decided to play some Overwatch, crashed mid game with message “Rendering device lost”. Tried other games and they all started crushing and with lots of artifacts on the screen which never happened before. Then I reinstall the driver, no good. Changed PSU cables, no good. Sad… Just talked with Nvidia and RMAed… hopefully I’ll get my new card soon.”

Nvidia Users Reporting Tons of Issues with the RTX 2080/2080Ti GPUs - DOAs, Crashing, Stuttering Reported
Picture: Nvidia Forums

The official Nvidia forums are jam-packed with users complaining about the RTX GPU issues. All of the complaints have been posted within the last 2 weeks. The number of people complaining did surge up quite a lot within the last three days. Users are reporting issues like stuttering, driver crashes, artifacts, BSOD, and even straight-up no display. However, it is great to see that Nvidia is handling the RMA requests of these users very well so far.

Okay, so it is clear that something is wrong here; and Nvidia needs to address these issues fast. It is disappointing to see that $1300 enthusiast-class GPUs are not tested well enough to avoid these issues. Major quality-control issues like this are intolerable, especially when it comes to a big brand like Nvidia. This can also affect the sales of the newly launched Nvidia RTX 2070.

If you’re planning to purchase a Turing GPU, we’d suggest that you wait till the QC issues are resolved, or opt for an aftermarket variant.



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