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EVGA’s RTX 2080 Ti Allegedly Catches Fire Out Of The Blue Following Crashes

EVGA Is Getting Flashbacks From The Pascal Era

There’s no doubt that Nvidia is having a bad time with the launch of the new RTX cards, at least with the first batch of cards. EVGA is getting flashbacks to last year’s Pascal launch that also seemed to be following the same fate. Following the storm of issues introduced with these new RTX cards, a user on the HardOcp forums has just showcased some images of his now dead card.

According to the user, Shansoft, his EVGA RTX 2080 Ti burst into flames all of a sudden after his PC decided to shut down. Images provided by the user showcase some gruesome images of the aftermath of the situation and it definitely doesn’t seem to be painting a good picture for Nvidia or EVGA at this very moment.

The card, without a doubt, is cooked for now and is under investigation by EVGA by this moment. For a good reason, EVGA has been leading the numbers when it comes to after-sales support and the dispute would end up with the card most likely being replaced given how bad the card seems to be right now.

The user followed up announcing that he has managed to contact the folks over at EVGA

Just contacted EVGA and got a cross-shipping RMA in process. Hopefully, I can have another replacement by the weekend to start off my new build.
It was supposed to be part of my new 9900k system, glad I didn’t stick this one in there yet…… Amazon preorder with 1-month delay saved it…

This is definitely yet another issue that seems to be leaving a deeper mark on Nvidia’s new series of RTX cards and it’s about time Nvidia and OEMs fix this issue. Whether this issue would continue is still yet to be seen. But given how well the Pascal issues were handled with, Nvidia should be at work right now as we speak given that the RTX launch is still in its infancy stages… Bad rep isn’t a chance for Nvidia at this point.

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