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OnePlus Teases The 6T Under The OnePlus 6 – Pretty Much Confirms The Waterdrop Notch

The folks over at OnePlus have always been good at teasing their upcoming devices. With fans ushering to find about the OnePlus 6T, following the initial tease of the OnePlus 6T, OnePlus has officially dropped their second tease featuring the OnePlus 6T. The tease showcases what seems to be the OnePlus 6T under the OnePlus 6.

OnePlus Teases The 6T Under The OnePlus 6 - Pretty Much Confirms The Waterdrop Notch 4

Based on the image they’ve teased over on Twitter, we could immediately notch the fact that the speaker grill has been embedded into the top-frame of the device pretty much assuring the fact that we’re looking at a waterdrop notch. Given how many rumors and leaks are suggesting the fact that the OnePlus 6T would feature a waterdrop notch, there’s no reason to doubt it now that OnePlus has shifted the speaker grill in an effort to reduce the notch size. After all, Oppo is OnePlus’s parent company. The rest of the design largely remains similar to that of the OnePlus 6 judging by the button placement.

So far, we’ve learned from a number of leaks and rumors is that the OnePlus 6T would axe the headphone jack and would feature a much smaller notch. In addition to that, it’s not hard to speculate what the internal spec sheet of the OnePlus 6T would look like. On the inside, we’re expecting the usual spec sheet inherited from the OnePlus 6. Based on previous launches and behavior from OnePlus, expect a Snapdragon 845 SoC, up to 8GB RAM and possibly 512GB of internal storage with the 6T unless OnePlus plans to save that for the OnePlus 7 due for release next year.

While debating on the headphone jack is certainly a topic for another day, we’re looking forward to what OnePlus actually brings to the table aside from the smaller waterdrop notch. Hopefully, they announce new colors.

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