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Bluehole Introduces A Fully-Auto CQB Pistol To PUBG – Introducing The Skorpion

It's A Killer For Those Close Quarter Combat Battles

Bluehole Studios have been hard at work trying to keep in the race. In their latest announcement, Bluehole has just introduced a new automatic pistol dubbed as the Skorpion.

The newly announced Skorpion weapon comes with a number of advantages and would be a killer option for those who have a keen interest in close-quarter combat. The Skorpion machine pistol allows users to spray bullets in succession for those heat-entrenched firefights. The Skorpion supports a number of attachments and some lighter sights as well, allowing you to keep your combat capabilities engaging.

The Skorpion deals up to 22 HP damage (while firing single shots), utilizes 9mm bullets and features a rate of fire of 650RPM. Interestingly, this would be the sixth gun in the game to share the 9mm rounds, following the P18C, P92, Micro UZI, UMP9 and VSS. However, due to balancing issues, Bluehole has decided that they would be nerfing the effective range of the gun to 50m.

The newly announced addition is said to arrive with PUBG’s Patch #23 for PC which is expected to land within a week or so.

After the gun makes its way to the game, Bluehole is definitely keeping its eyes peeled for towards the behavior of its players and would continue to assess the behavior of its players to determine if the gun has a worthy place in PUBG.

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