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Xiaomi’s Mi MiX 3 Features A 24MP Selfie Camera And No IR Sensors

Xiaomi hasn’t had enough with all of the teases. After teasing the Mi MiX 3’s 5G connectivity and 10GB RAM, Xiaomi has just come out with another kicker. In a tweet, Xiaomi has just announced that the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 would feature a 24MP front-facing camera with Xiaomi’s “selfie-light” tricks up its sleeve.

As we near the launch of the Mi MiX 3, Xiaomi’s Mi MiX 3 seems to be shaping into one killer device. However, it seems odd that Xiaomi would officially tease the phone months before its launch. Not only has Xiaomi been the face behind the 5G and 10GB RAM hype, but is continuing to tease the phone as we get nearer towards its launch. In addition to that, we’ve seen a commercial from Xiaomi that clearly showcases the Mi MiX 3 in action. While it’s too early to predict a culprit, it surely seems to bother seeing Xiaomi continuously tease and show off the device well before its launch.

Now that we know that the Mi MiX 3 features a slide-up camera, it isn’t hard to call it the first phone to feature a slide-up camera. Unlike Vivo’s NEX and Oppo’s Find X, the Mi MiX 3 camera requires a manual slide up to reveal the camera sensors up front. While it certainly doesn’t require a motor to drive expose the camera, it seems like Xiaomi would be betting on its quality control department for durability issues with the device for how long that mechanism is expected to last. Not to forget that most users would find it weird to find that the earpiece has been embedded into the retracted portion of the device.

Since there were no IR cameras spotted in the clear render posted by Xiaomi, we’d be intrigued to see if Xiaomi removes all other forms of biometric authentication methods.

Given how much we know of the Mi MiX 3 by now, we’d be surprised to hear if Xiaomi has any leaks on board when it announces the device. The Mi MiX 3 keynote is slated to go live on October the 25th from Beijing.

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