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The $199 Spiderman PlayStation 4 Bundle Is Selling Out Like Hotcakes

Sony is making headlines recently. With the few PlayStation 5 rumors here and a few PlayStation 4 sales there, Sony isn’t done with this generation of consoles yet. Reports are suggesting that Sony’s new $199 Spiderman PlayStation 4 bundle is selling like hotcakes to the point where stores and online retailers are unable to keep up with the demand. The story comes after NPD’s Mat Piscatella reports that online retailers are unable to keep up with the demand of the new Black Friday-oriented bundle. He said

That $199 Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 bundle keeps selling out quickly whenever listed online. Dont sleep on it if you want one.

Sony is definitely rolling the snowball here and it seems like Sony would continue selling the bundle until New Year’s Eve, at least that’s what we hope. The $199 Spider-Man PS4 bundle is hitting everyone hard with a ton of enthusiasm and it’s incredible to see the Spider-Man PS4 bundle being offered for less than $200 in the US, especially with Microsoft around.

But it the whole “sold out” hype doesn’t seem surprising either. Spider-Man had already garnered incredible reviews and scores throughout the months and has been a long-time favorite for fans ever since Sony first showed it off at E3 2017. Incredible scores along with a plot that none other launch have been able to match since the introduction of Horizon Zero Dawn spell some incredibly enthusiastic views for the console.

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