Apple Opens It’s First Apple Store In Bangkok This Saturday – An Attempt To Corner The Asian Markets

Apple today announced that their first ever Apple store in Bangkok Thailand would be opening this Saturday. Apple has been quite busy this year with the release of their products with the iPhone XS rolling out then came the iPad Pro and the MacBook Air. The opening of the Apple store would not only provide basic Apple services but would also encourage users in the area to opt for Apple products more often.

Bangkok Itself offers Apple to stretch out their legs into the Asian markets and cover up some space and quite possibly become a viable option for those seeking to enter the Apple ecosystem. Apple may very well be looking to expand first and foremost into other parts of the country and later on to other nearby regions. In the age where Chinese manufacturers cover more than 50% of market ground, Apple definitely needs to step up its game and tackle these hurdles in a smart way.
Apple Opens It's First Apple Store In Bangkok This Saturday - An Attempt To Corner The Asian Markets 2
The Apple store offers a very inviting architecture located at the heart of Bangkok elevated above the “River of Kings”. The store will open this Saturday at 10 am local time and more than 100 employees will be there to greet locals and visitors.


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