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Epic Games Launcher Gets A Facelift In A New Beta – Here’s How To Get It

Steam = 0 | Epic Games Launcher = 1

Epic has been through a ton lot over the past year. The company has gone from an abandoned Gears Of War camp after Microsoft acquired the series, to a major gaming studio that captivated the masses with Fortnite. With Fortnite playing a huge role in pivoting the studio’s overall appearance, Epic has decided to give Fortnite a major facelift just in time for the holiday season.

The newly introduced beta brings quite notable design changes to the table. The newly released update brings a minimalist approach to the overall design of the new launcher. Throughout the launcher, Epic is planning to carry out a dark theme. In addition to that, contrary to what they had done initially, the launcher surprisingly loads up the latest news feed before you get a chance to log into the game.

However, without a doubt, the best part of the new launcher is the new “Library” column. Not only is the most important title of yours highlighted on top of the grid, but the way how Epic has laid out the design is simply refreshing to look at.

The friends menu hasn’t seen any upgrades though. While no one asked for it, the friends menu remains unchanged in this build of the Epic Games launcher beta.

While the launcher does seem to be fairly bug-free so far, we would be reporting on any bugs we come across in the upcoming weeks.

If you’re planning to get a taste for what the new beta looks like, you could simply enable it by clicking on the Settings cog, followed by the button that prompts you to enable to beta. It’s that simple!

However, if you do plan to go that, Epic has kept that as a possibility too in case you aren’t a fan of the new launcher. To disable the new launcher, simply go to “Settings”, followed by “Disable Beta” and you should have your beta disabled for good.

With the launcher now in Beta, Epic needs as many details they need to carve the Epic Games launcher to everyone’s needs before it finally goes official within the next month or two.

While Steam has shown off tiny glimmers of hope regarding the development of a facelift, it seems like Valve aren’t planning to release any major design updates to Steam anytime soon.

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