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Pokemon GO Revenue Grew By 250% Over Last Year

Pokemon GO has been around for quite a while and many may think that the hype for the game has died down. But the most recent analysis by Sensor Tower paints a different picture. According to the report, Pokemon GO revenue had a 2.5x year on year growth. The AR-based title grossed over $80 million in November across iOS and Android. In the age of Fortnite and PUBG, we see Niantic doing exceptionally well mostly due to the fact that the developers plan on adding something exciting to the franchise. Many requested for player vs player combat feature and this may be it. Once the update rolls out the numbers are to grow even more.

Data confirms that the players in Japan accounted for 37% of the total, spending over $29.6 million while players in the US accounted for 32% spending over $25.6 million of all spending for in-game content. The study shows that the year over year spending increased drastically in the US thanks to the holiday season 3.3x more than the $7.7 million. Japanese revenue grew about 139% (2.4x) over November 2017 when approximately $12.4 million was spent in the game there.

It is clear that the game is definitely not dying anytime soon and if the developers deliver what the promise then the player base is to increase dramatically. As we know that adding content at a steady pace keeps the players happy and allows the developers to know what they actually need. It is a great thing going on for Niantic because the Pokemofanbasese isn’t that small and if they keep them happy then they’ll stay afloat.

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