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Samsung Tops Germany’s Durability Standards

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Ibtehaj Temuri
Ibtehaj Temuri
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Samsung has been phenomenal with its handheld devices ever since the release of the Galaxy S6. The combination of glass and metal gave Samsung devices a push in the right direction which has been acting as the driving force for the company up until now. With Samsung exploring various new technology in the department such as the foldable smartphone and the new punch-hole Galaxy S10, the tablet department will certainly not go unnoticed.

According to a study performed by Statista with over 11,000 German tablet owners participating, Samsung was rated to be the highest durability manufacturers among many. In fact, all the top 4 spots went to different Samsung devices with durability indexes averaging over 1.5. The Galaxy Tab 4 and Tab A ranked the highest with an index of 1.1 and the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite and Galaxy Tab S2 also received particularly favourable mention. In 2018 it is very much considered odd to be focussing on the durability of a device but Samsung is known for going on a separate path and this will definitely receive a ton of attention.

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Apple with the iPad Pro has been phenomenal in terms of internals and the overall footprint and technology embedded but we discovered how poorly it was built geometrically and literally snapped in half. This leaves a tiny gap for durable and powerful tablets in an already tight market for Samsung to fit in. The Galaxy Tablets not only deem to provide durability which is often considered to be on top of everyone’s bucket list but also takes advantage of Android bringing in a complete desktop experience with Samsung DeX.

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As 2018 comes to an end we look forward to what Samsung has in plan for enthusiasts in 2019. The productive market for electronic devices is bound to increase in this modern era and Samsung would certainly want to have a chunk of its share.


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