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Sony Adds 50 More Titles To The PS Now Streaming Service

As we’ve discussed previously, game developers would rather have their game released digitally all over the globe instead of physical copies. The PS Now streaming service by Sony has been in operation for quite a while now and it seems that Sony is giving a little extra attention to the platform. It is clear that the company wants the service to prosper and attract even more folks to try and enjoy the experience. The service alone managed over $146 million in revenue which certainly boasts the fact that the modern market is shifting from physical title releases.

We saw this change occur in Microsoft’s gameplan for the Xbox as well with them being heavily dependant over digital releases. The Xbox Game Pass has also been improved quite a lot and Microsoft as a whole has swiftly shifted towards the all internet plan. Sony, however, has been in the game for the most time and they have decided to add over 50 new titles in the service to attract even more gamers. The timing could not be better by them thanks to the holiday season the subscriptions and the player base is to explode.

The 50 new titles joining the 600 existing games will make the service even better bringing in more and more players. One great feature about PS Now is that you can enjoy PlayStation Exclusives in full glory and those wanting to just enjoy the experience hasslefree just need a stable internet connection and a controller. The experience as a whole is stress-free targetting the workaholic generation of gamers. If Sony keeps on adding newer content to the service it is only a matter of time that it will beat all records of sales in a fraction of time. And with internet speeds improving globally, we expect to see a general increase in overall sales in the near future.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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