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AMD Radeon 7 Gaming GPU Revealed – Set To Compete Directly With Nvidia’s RTX 2080

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As CES 2019 is underway, AMD has released their bomb for 2019 at their Keynote yesterday where they revealed their new AMD Radeon 7 gaming GPU for the masses. The newly announced GPU is set to give Nvidia some stiff competition after years of dwindling around.

At the keynote floor, AMD’s Lisa Su showed off some major benchmarks on the showfloor along with a number of features the AMD Radeon 7 is about to bring to the market. AMD’s new Radeon 7 GPU has become the first GPU to be powered by AMD’s 7nm process and is said to be up to 62% faster than AMD’s Vega 64 GPU on OpenCL benchmarks.

Regarding the internals, with the AMD Radeon 7, you’re looking at 16GB HDM2 memory, 60 Compute Units bundled with 3840 stream processors running at up to 1.8GHz along with 1TB/s worth of memory bandwith over a 4096-bit memory bus.

Several other benchmarks were also shown off at the keynote giving us a good idea how the GPU may perform in real life. AMD made sure to include Nvidia’s RTX 2080 into the benchmarks comparison as well, albeit the three games they’ve shown off. AMD’s Lisa Su then said that AMD has worked so hard and has managed to keep up with the competition in both, DX11 and DX12 titles across the board.

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AMD has shipped a number of review samples to a number of media outlets. If there’s anything that would tell us more about AMD’s upcoming benchmarks, it’s the reviews that would be making their way on the internet once the NDA embargo has been lifted.

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The AMD Radeon 7 would be available globally on February the 7th 2019 for $699. For a limited time after its launch, AMD is throwing in DMC5, Resident Evil 2, and The Division 2 to be bundled with the GPU. While the price is close to Nvidia’s offerings, what should be noted is that the price credit could have been accredited to the high-cost of the HBM2 modules found on the new GPU.


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