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Huawei’s Foldable Mate X Poster Leaks – Hosts 5G Capabilities As Well

Foldable smartphones are definitely the future. Samsung is the first to actually unveil a full-fledged foldable device and left enthusiasts to wonder. Although the idea of a foldable smartphone remains unclear, one thing is certain and that is the fact that we’ll see a lot more foldable smartphones in the future. Huawei out of all has been keeping pace with the Korean tech giant lately. First with the punch hole design and now the foldable smartphone. The poster for Huawei’s foldable smartphone leaked via Twitter and the leaker claimed it being a poster for MWC 2019 which is to begin in a couple of days.

Dubbed to be the “Mate X”, Huawei it seems was ready to launch a device as the first competition to Samsung. Despite various smartphone manufacturers patenting the technology Huawei has brought this fantasy to reality. The phone itself seems to have a similar fold in half like the Galaxy Fold but instead of a notch houses all the neat sensors in a small bar. Moreover, the device folds in such a manner that when converted offers a screen on both the front and the back, unlike Samsung’s approach.

Overall the display of the device consists of minimal side bezels while almost all the physical features of the phone reside on a sleek looking bar. Taking a closer look at the poster we notice that the phone will, in fact, be 5G capable. Given how Samsung released the S10 5G, first mainstream phone to do so, Huawei would most certainly want a piece of that cake for the market which is yet to build. The device is a direct competitor to Samsung’s foldable smartphone raises a plethora of questions. The smartphone itself will most probably be revealed in a few days at MWC and with it, we may see Huawei’s approach on foldable smartphones and 5G itself.

The pricing for the Mate X should not come shy of a thousand dollar mark. Given how the gimmick has grasped the attention of almost every tech enthusiasts, manufacturers would not mind to charge extra for a feature which doesnt actually prove anything or bring emphasis to anything.

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