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New Samsung Galaxy S10E Prices Spell Trouble For Apple & Google

Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks coming through. And with less than a 36 hours left for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Unpacked keynote, pricing for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup has emerged, suggesting what pricing for Samsung’s upcoming devices may look like in Hong Kong.

According to a reddit user, pricing for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 may loop cheap and a steep for some. Details posted by the user suggest a starting price of just $675 to get your hands on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10E.

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S10 Pricing

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e 6GB/128gb = 5298 HKD ($675 USD)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 8GB/128gb = 5998 HKD ($765 USD)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 8GB/512gb = 7998 HKD ($1010 USD)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ 8GB/128gb = 6998 HKD ($890 USD)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ 8GB/512gb = 8998 HKD ($1150 USD)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ 12GB/1TB = 12998 HKD ($1650 USD)

If the prices alleged above are accurate, Samsung could shake OnePlus and Apple given how fierce the competition has become, especially with to how OnePlus has been incrementally increasing their prices every year.

Both Apple and Samsung realize how important the mid-range market is. For the first time in years, following the Apple iPhone 5c, Apple thought of making a device, the iPhone XR, to serve the upper-mid-range market. While it certainly may not cheap, both companies do realize how important the mid-range market is for both of them.

That, in tandem with the introduction of Samsung’s Galaxy M-series of devices as well as Apple’s entry into the Indian market, seem to paint a picture for how both of the companies plan to maintain their utmost high-ends and upper-mid-range lineups.

And with Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL’s pricing taken into account, Samsung has an appealing device.

If $675 is the entry price for to get yourself into the Galaxy S10 realm along with the latest and greatest Snapdragon 855 SoC, Samsung may actually have a shot at making the Galaxy S10E appeal to the masses which makes this launch all the more exciting for us.

Although this year’s Samsung Galaxy S10E may be an entry-level device to get into the S10 family, it would certainly be a device that would be the best option for anyone who wants a taste for how Samsung plans to move their flagships forward.

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