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Xiaomi Mi 9 To Debut Next Week Alongside Samsung’s Galaxy S10

If February couldn’t get better, it seems like Xiaomi has all of a sudden came out of the bush announcing their reveal date for their upcoming Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone. After months of minimal renders and rumors, Xiaomi’s Mi 9 has hit the spotlight multiple times today along with an official keynote date scheduled for next week.

This goes hand in hand with what had had speculated months earlier here. However, seeing them debut the Mi 9 boldly alongside the Samsung Galaxy S10 seems to be a bold move to make despite the regional differences.

Xiaomi has announced that they would be revealing the Xiaomi Mi 9 on February the 20th in China. Several leaks today have pretty much cemented what the Xiaomi Mi 9 may look like.

Xiaomi Mi 9 To Debut Next Week Alongside Samsung's Galaxy S10 10

Xiaomi had done an incredible job at keeping the Mi 9 a secret and it seems like the minimal facelift that leaks are suggesting could be the reason for why Xiaomi may not have been as enthusiastic to allow leaks for the device to slip through.

According to several leaks over the past 24 hours, the Xiaomi Mi 9 seems to be releasing in a number of colors. In addition to that, it has been pretty much confirmed, by the leaks, as well the teaser above, that the Xiaomi Mi 9 would pack a set of triple cameras on the rear of the device.

However, since the back is only part of the device, leaks have also made sure that we get a good glimpse of what the front of the Mi 9 looks like as well.

According to the images that have made their way onto the internet of the Mi 9, it seems like Xiaomi hasn’t given the Mi 9 much of a facelift upfront as well. Unlike the concept renders we had seen of the Mi 9 previously. The Mi 9 is expected to feature an Essential Phone-like notch upfront along with a full-view display to become the star of the show with Xiaomi’s Mi 9 release.

Xiaomi Mi 9 To Debut Next Week Alongside Samsung's Galaxy S10 11
An alleged image of what the Xiaomi Mi 9 would look like when it debuts next week in China | Image via Slashleaks

On the inside, we’re expecting to see Qualcomm’s latest and greatest Snapdragon 845 SoC, 8GB RAM, 256GB of internal storage, as well as a decent set of camera sensors to accommodate Xiaomi enthusiasts for 2019.

However, given that these are just mere leaks, what would make the Mi 9 special has to be the feature set Xiaomi could be hiding with themselves for the keynote. For now, that’s all the information that has been leaked. However, given how minimal the Mi 9 looks, it’d better come with some bells and whistles now that they’re releasing it alongside the Samsung Galaxy S10, albeit, in China.

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