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CS: GO Receives A Gameplay Overhaul – Shotguns, Rifles & Economy Revamped

CS: GO developers are on a spree of adding content updates. First the Panorama UI then the Danger Zone update the title is slowly gaining its lost glory with developers giving extra attention towards the game. Today Valve in an update for CS: GO has refined quite a few core features of the game. Starting from the M4A1-S and going all the way to the new Prisma Case.

Weapon Overhaul – Shotguns & Rifles Revamped

CS: GO Receives A Gameplay Overhaul - Shotguns, Rifles & Economy Revamped 6

The M4A1-S acts as a primary weapon of choice when it comes to Counter-Terrorists in the game proving to act as a direct antidote to the AK-47. The weapon offered greater range and better accuracy at a cost of fire rate and magazine size but Valve has now decided to change that in order to make it a more balanced option. The M4A1-S would now hold 25 bullets in a single magazine instead of 20 and would hold 75 bullets in reserve. In the competitive scene, little to very few players opt for the silenced version but this update would certainly act as a driving force in changing that perception.

Valve previously slashed off the AUG and SG-553’s price down to $3150 encouraging players to use it more and more especially for the CT sides giving off only $50 above the classic M4 rifles. Now that everyone has abused the weapon and learnt all its perks, CS: GO developers are returning the scoped rifle’s prices back to normal at $3300. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how players manage the weapon now that it costs a chunk more than it used to.

Shotguns in the game have also received updates. The developers after experimenting with the SMGs and rifles have now switched to the shotguns which are used barely in the competitive scene. Right off the first glance, the prices of the Nova and Sawed-Off, Mag-7 are reduced to $1050, $1100 and $1300 respectively. Apart from that, the penetration for the Nova has been increased to 1 and the range for the Sawed-Off has been increased to 1400. Moreover, various other bugs are also fixed including the feature where the reloading of the weapon would continue even after it was switched.

Economic Changes In Competitive Mode

The update also spices things up when the economic aspect of the game is taken into consideration. The round loss bonus was recently revamped giving an improved chance for the losing team to make a comeback and come up with buys. The bonus was planned to increase as the losing streak continued and a single win would disrupt it leaving the bank empty. CS: GO developers have fixed this issue once in for all offering a step-down solution. Now, instead of losing your streak after a single win, users will now be able to step down to a lower streak.

The New Prisma Case & Other Miscelaneous Updates

CS: GO Receives A Gameplay Overhaul - Shotguns, Rifles & Economy Revamped 7

Moreover, the update brings a new set of skins with the Prisma Case offering a variety of weapon finishes quite natural to the game. The new weapons case brings 17 new weapon finishes worth unboxing and a set of Horizon case knives for enthusiasts. Furthermore, a new assist feature is also deployed which showcases the assist of the person who blinded the enemy, a neat feature indeed!

Apart from all this, the update further refines the Canal and Vertigo maps for players with a wide array of bug fixes. The recent progress in the game’s content updates is undoubtedly mesmerizing and it seems that Valve is giving extra attention to its long lost child with a more regular update pattern and content creation.

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