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Fortnite’s February Revenue Boosts By 17% Climbing Up To 44 million

Fortnite it seems has conquered 2019 so far in terms of general player base and sales revenue. Despite having stronger and tougher competition like Apex Legends the title’s monthly sales grew by over 17% raking in around $44.3 million worldwide on iOS. Estimated by Sensor Tower, the title faced a slight dink in 2018 with more and more players getting fed up by the title but Epic Games has yet again caught the interest of players with the release of season 8.

As Fortnite’s one-year anniversary on smartphone nears, more and more players are constantly joining the game and for good reason. Just last month the game hosted one of the biggest online events drawing up almost 10.7 million people to participate. Marshmello, the EDM artist drew in a behemoth of a crowd and resulted in the most in-app purchasing by players for the month coming in at $3.6 and $3.1 million the day before the event and the day of the event respectively. As March comes to a start, the revenue has already crossed $7.3 million almost two-thirds of its launch month in 2018.

This analysis clearly show that Epic Games have got everything sorted out for its competitors and has a clear image of what comes in the future. The in-app purchases have proved to be fatal for the revenue generating the most profits as events and trends happen. The new season has grasped the attention of many and so has the new Battle Pass.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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