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Early Apple iPhone XI Predictions – Here’s What To Look Out For

Apple’s iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable smartphones of the decade. Ever since Apple’s entry into the modern smartphone market, the iPhone has acted as a driving force for the company’s success. With the iPhone XS being the latest and greatest addition to the already great fleet of iPhones, its again that time of the year when new smartphones flood the markets. Apple’s release is timed to perfection having a proper release in the third quarter of the year. As March, 2019 comes to a start it may be appropriate to talk about the next iPhone.

Bigger, Better & Faster Than Ever Before – The New iPhone XI

Although Apple has been very secretive about its lineup of devices that surely doesn’t stop enthusiasts to hope for the best. Last year’s iPhone was the XS, having the “S” badge which according to Apple bring innovation in the same iPhone body as the previous iPhone. While the iPhone XS was definitely better, faster and more refined than the X there were quite a few things left to desire. The upcoming iPhone XI would most certainly comprise of a completely different form factor.

Being Apple we could expect them to house an even bigger better and more efficient chip than the iPhone X. With most smartphone manufacturers leaning towards the new 7nm Snapdragon 855 SoC, rumours suggest Apple be working on a 5nm chipset. Apple’s hardware game has been on point and saying influential would definitely be an understatement. With most the smartphones working past the notch dearly embraced by Apple we could expect Apple to bring in innovation never to be seen before. The company has made a ton of bold moves and the removal of the notch wouldn’t be a surprise. The teardrop notch and punch hole design have gained a ton of exposure and the next iPhone could very well embrace the technology.

Hardware, Geometry & Features – What To Expect?

Early Apple iPhone XI Predictions - Here's What To Look Out For 2

The iPhone XI is surely going to be a firecracker. Recent reports suggested Apple spending more towards the phone’s software and services than its hardware for the first time in years. Given how smartphone manufacturers have progressed throughout the span of a few years, we could argue that Apple would surely bring in something new to the cause. Last year, Apple was dethroned from the 2nd spot by Huawei in global rankings and for Apple to gain back its former glory they’d most certainly want to load the upcoming iPhone XI with features. From under display fingerprint sensors to a completely bezel-less display, the iPhone would most certainly be a show stopper.

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A Variety Of Variants – From The Budget iPhone To The 5G Version

Early Apple iPhone XI Predictions - Here's What To Look Out For 3

2019 has to be the year of variants. With Samsung standing out tall with four unique looking S10s and various other manufacturers following its footprints. Apple has on a couple of occasions released a budget option for its iPhone lineup despite costing well above $700 the phones gained attention but didn’t exactly fly. Apple’s premium approach for its smartphones seems to be the most successful but we could expect another iPhone XR to compete for the vast market of mid to high range smartphones.

5G, on the other hand, has to be one of the most awaited features of 2019 and with almost every major smartphone manufacturer joining the train, Apple has yet to release a statement. Despite the market for 5G being scarcely populated, most of the major smartphone brands have decided to take a shot at it. Apple would most certainly want a piece of that and having an iOS 5G device is always welcome.

All in all great things are to be expected from the next iPhone while little to no information regarding the phone has leaked yet. One thing we could all agree on is the fact that the iPhone XI will definitely turn a lot of heads. In the meantime all we can do is wait eagerly for more information to spill.



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