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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G To Debut April 5th, Confirmed By Samsung

Samsung recently revealed its fleet of Galaxy S10 devices with a ton of improvements over last year. Having stepped up in practically every way possible Samsung has brought brand new trends to the smartphone market. One of the variants showcased at the Samsung event was the Galaxy S10 5G. While not much was discussed about the phone and apart from its specifications but Samsung did reveal that the phone would debut later this month.

As the month of march proceeds to its ending days, Samsung has now officially confirmed that the Galaxy S10 5G would release on April 5th as a report by Yonhap News. The delay in release is because of the ongoing discussion between carriers and the Korean government as reported. Samsung has been very secretive about the 5G S10 and not much is known about the phone except the internals. The device is to host higher end internals than all the other S10s but the pricing is yet unknown.

The phone itself has now officially been given the green light and is ready to hit markets. Although the pricing of the phone is yet uncertain, the phone is expected to cost around $1300. Moreover the device’s launch is scheduled almost a week before a Verizon’s launch event. The US based carrier has partnered with Motorola to launch a 5G device accompanied by the 5G mod while the S10 offers a sleek solution.

5G is a topic of much importance these days especially since not a single full fledged 5G device is ready for consumers. With almost every major manufacturer taking 5G as a major benchmark for upcoming smartphones, the demand and worth of 5G is to increase dramatically. On top of that, being the first to hand over a 5G ready phone would take Samsung on top of its competition which the brand struggled to do in 2018.

With this change of pace, Samsung has definitely gained a lot of popularity and the upcoming 5G S10 would further throttle sales. Recently we discovered that Samsung sales grew by almost 360% in China just by the release of the S10 and having the 5G variant would further boost them in coming days.

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