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Samsung Galaxy S10 Display Rated As The Best On The Market – DisplayMate Report Suggests

Samsung’s latest addition, the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup has begun making its way to international market. Following a slew of leaks, even before the Galaxy Note 9 arrived to the scene, Samsung finally unveiled the device at their Unpacked 2019 event in San Francisco days before MWC 2019 began. With the device now out, DisplayMate, a professional display testing publication has rated the Galaxy S10, and it seems like Samsung has yet again defied all odds.

As mentioned previously, DisplayMate has yet again called the display on the Samsung Galaxy S10 as the best display on a smartphone, period. Details from DisplayMate’s testing revealed much-improved color accuracy, saturation, power consumption, brightness, and more. Furthermore, the device is said to the pack the first HDR10+ display along with a 0.4 JNCD and 1215 nits worth of brightness compared to last year’s 0.7 JNCD from the S9 family. Power consumption has also been improved. According to their tests, Samsung hasn’t only improved on the display but has also managed to retain all these features while reducing its power consumption from 1.7W on the Galaxy S9 to 1.54W on this year’s Galaxy S10 lineup.

Not only do these new displays shake up Samsung’s display ratios, but they also introduce some Samsung-only improvements too. With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S10 family, Samsung has pushed the resolution of their displays to 3040 x 1440 and has reduced blue light emissions from their displays up to 42%, leading to less eye fatigue.

Given the improvements, Samsung makes not only to their devices, but their displays as well are impressive. Not only has Samsung managed to cement themselves as a leader in TVs but their dominance in the smartphone display market would continue to lure them gigs from its competitors. With this keeping up, we’re expecting Samsung to continue taking the lead in the display department among the competition.

The question is, is Samsung going to let Apple and its competition to continue taking the cake for its display innovations as we move forward?

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