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Samsung’s 2019 Smartphone Market Share Increases Over 360% In China

Samsung has been joining the puzzle to retain its lost glory in 2019. With massive improvements done to the smartphone department and a ton of new innovation underway, Samsung has decided to claim 2019 all for itself. According to a credible tweet by our trusty Ice Universe, Samsung’s smartphone market share has jumped from a mere 1% to 3.6% in 2019.

Samsung’s recent flagship, the Galaxy S10 has acted as a vital force in driving its market share in China. With the Galaxy A series launch just ahead, Samsung’s plans for 2019 have become crystal clear and they all involve domination. As we’ve discussed earlier that the Galaxy A series is no joke when it comes to innovation and would most probably shape up the mid-range market in 2019. With a plethora of leaks about the devices already leaked, we look forward to the launch.

As for Samsung’s stake in China, things are definitely looking interesting. With 2019 only a few weeks in, Samsung has already started gaining ground in the tough Chinese market. Although the increment isn’t huge, yet we mustn’t forget the stakes in China. Chinese smartphone brands have already flooded every major market place and with major brands like Huawei and Xiaomi on the rise, competition is to toughen up even more.

The numbers account for Samsung’s smartphone shares are expected to grow further as 2019 proceeds. With China making up the largest population in the world, having a spot in its market is definitely vital for any brand. The past year proved to be quite tough for all the major smartphone manufacturers with sales not on par with expected figures despite quality innovation brought to consumers.

2019 however seems different and with the new year seems a change of strategy. Samsung’s latest flagship has already started selling well throughout the globe and with the 5G S10 coming out soon the demand for 5G is to increase even more. With the release of updated mid ranged and budget oriented devices by Samsung we hope the precentage to increase in a rapid fashion nevertheless.

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