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Sony Adds PS4 Remote Play For iOS Devices In The New 6.50 Software Update

Remember Remote Play? That convenient little feature that you could use to play your ps4 games on your laptop or PC in maybe another room or in bed on your smartphone. Good news for users as Sony has just released Remote Play support on iOS devices with it’s latest software update version 6.50 for the PS4 along with 2 other country and region specific changes.

To enjoy Remote Play you needed a PC/Laptop or a Sony Xperia Android phone with the PS4 Remote Play app which meant any other Android device or iOS devices were incompatible. But, fear not, Dorothy said, as the brave Android modders made a modded version of the app that could be installed on any android phone and then users could enjoy the wonderful thing that is Remote Play on all Android devices. One sad thing about this was that poor iOS devices were being left out of all the fun. But, Sony just came out with a new software update for the PS4 that adds support for iOS devices with Remote Play along with the PS4 Remote Play app released on the iOS store.

Oddly enough, of the two country and region-specific changes, one of them is a very welcomed one by the community. The ability to change the “Enter” button for menus to other physical buttons on the controller. In some regions, to perform the Enter operation in games you had to press the O button instead of the X button. Users seem to be enjoying this change as it has been on Japanese based games usually, ever since the PS1 came out. Pressing the O button to accept/enter/proceed through menus and whatnot is just a nightmare I wouldn’t wish anyone to have. How could have Sony tortured people like this for so long?

Release Notes:

Main features in version 6.50 update

  • You can now enjoy Remote Play on iOS devices. You can use(PS4 Remote Play) to connect to your PS4 system from devices such as smartphones and tablets. Download(PS4 Remote Play) from the App Store.

Other features in version 6.50

  • You can now choose 720p when you broadcast using Niconico Live.This service is available only in certain countries and regions.
  • You can now change the button assignment to perform “Enter” operations from thebutton to thebutton. Select(Settings) > [System], and then select the checkbox for [UseButton for Enter].This option is available only for specific countries and regions.


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