Fortnite Joy Ride Update Introduces Drivable Cars – Four New Cars Introduced

Fortnite came out with its new V13.40 Joy Ride update today with some minor changes and bug fixes. The main highlight of the update, however, is the addition of drivable cars. Four new cars have been introducing and they can run out of gas, so there are gas pumps scattered across the map for you to refuel your cars and get back on the road.

Ever since PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds release, many games have been jumping ship to its large PvP battle royale game design, and Fortnite was one of these games. Fortnite’s original game mode was a zombie game mode where you could team up with three other players to complete objectives and build your base. When Epic Games jumped aboard the battle royale trend, they didn’t just copy PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, instead, they incorporated Fortnite’s own original elements like the building mechanic into it which is what made it so popular. One thing they didn’t include was drivable cars, while this doesn’t seem as important it is a very convenient and fun game element that allows players to get across the map quickly.

This update adds drivable cars and we see a total of 4 different ones. The first one is named Islander Prevalent which seems to be a normal daily driven family sedan that resembles most modern-day family sedans, you can fit up to 4 players in this. The second one is named Victory Motors Whiplash which has a sporty look to it and its styling resembles the DMC DeLorean quite a bit, it seems you may only fit in 2 players here.

The third one is named OG Bear and it’s a basic plain pickup truck, it seems like only two players may fit inside and someone could stand in the cargo bed of the truck as well making for fun gameplay moments. The fourth and last one is called Titano Mudflap, and this one seems to be a big cargo truck one which you wouldn’t wanna cross in front of.

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