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ZTE Debuts The Design Of The Unique Axon S Smartphone – Here’s What To Expect

ZTE, a Chinese company has just showcased the design of their upcoming Axon S smartphone. The phone definitely looks different and the technology implemented is pretty unique as well. The Axon S offers a mesmerizing 95% screen to body ratio which is desirable considering the trend.

Smartphone designs have come a long way over the course of their existence. From being large, bulky and unresponsive to sleek, premium and powerful hand-held devices the innovation has come a long way. One of the most important trends of smartphones in 2019 is the removal of the notch and to achieve maximum screen to body ratios.

Many manufacturers, as a matter of fact, have produced smartphones trying their best to achieve the goal. The Oppo Find X, Mi MiX 3 and the Galaxy S10 are worthy mentions when it comes to the approach of the manufacturer. The slider mechanism has gained a lot of attention these past few months with the Xiaomi Mi MiX 3 doing exceptionally.

ZTE Debuts The Design Of The Unique Axon S Smartphone - Here's What To Expect 6

Although the device comes with a slider phone solution to the screen to body ratio problem, the slider is unlike any other ever showcased. The phone offers a horizontal slider from the left side of the screen instead of a vertical top slider. Moreover, the phone is designed to house a 5x optical zoom lens with a 48 MP primary sensor and most probably a 3D depth sensor. The unique slider not only allows more space for more tech to be built but also acts as a full-fledged reverse digital camera. Remember those early digital cameras with a slider to reveal the lens? Well, the Axon S gives the exact same look but with the front.

ZTE Debuts The Design Of The Unique Axon S Smartphone - Here's What To Expect 7

The display technology and the internals of the phone are yet to be determined but one thing is addressed and that is the inclusion of an under display fingerprint scanner. Ultrasonic or not, nothing yet is confirmed but the design flow of the device and the geometric features of the phone definitely look pleasing. Having a different, new point of view to the notch problem is undeniably welcome and we’d love to hear more about the design in the future.

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