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Fortnite’s Reboot Vans Are Finally Alive – Revives And Brings Your Squad Back To Life

The folks over at Epic have finally revealed what the number of mysterious vans have been doing over the past few weeks. In an update posted by the folks over at Epic Games, the studio has confirmed that the reboot vans are actually something functional.

The vans scattered across the Battle Island are dubbed as the Reboot Vans. These Battle Islands would allow players to bring back their eliminated squad members back to life, one at a time. However, it wouldn’t be as simple as bring back your squadmates back to life. In typical fashion, Epic has added a number of balancing features to the addition.

Fortnite's Reboot Vans Are Finally Alive - Revives And Brings Your Squad Back To Life 4

To bring your friends or team mates back to life, you would require a device called the Reboot card. With the help of the reboot card, you would be able to revive the teammate who had dropped the reboot card in the first place after being eliminated. Folks would then have to take the cards to the reboot vans scattered across the maps to bring back their squadmates back into action.

While you revive your teammates, these vans would give off audio cues as well as a few visual cues such as beacons to surrounding players, notifying the revival of your teammates. Once you do revive all of your team mates, the van would be unusable for a certain period of time before being usable again by other squads or players.

The Reboot Van is expected to arrive to the game in the next Fortnite update, next week. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see some incredible changes to the overall gameplay dynamics of the game with the addition of the Reboot Van.

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