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Samsung Galaxy S10s Snapdragon Equipped Camera Obliterates The Exynos Powered Camera

The youtuber, Pixel Peeper has uploaded the picture comparison between the two S10s meant for different markets and the results are definitely staggering. The contrast is visible even by an amateur and both the phones seem to produce two different images.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is out for quite some time and the device immediately became the centre of attention for many. Some even claim it to be the benchmark device of the year and for good reason. The phone offers a very balanced set of features which for the most part are improved upon quite significantly. The camera department of the phone is definitely one of its main selling points and the phone gives a satisfactory performance overall.

Samsung Galaxy S10s Snapdragon Equipped Camera Obliterates The Exynos Powered Camera 6

One of the features of Samsung’s flagships is the fact that not all Galaxy S10s are created equal. The Galaxy S10 is generally split into two mainly differentiated by the SoC it rocks. Samsung is undoubtedly a perfectionist when it comes to hardware manufacturing and has built the Exynos SoC. Apparently the Exynos chip while being optimized specifically for the S10 isn’t feasible for various markets and here’s when the Snapdragon 845 SoC comes into play.

Samsung Galaxy S10s Snapdragon Equipped Camera Obliterates The Exynos Powered Camera 7

Now despite Samsung pulling every string to match devices rocking the different SoCs to perform equally and identically, both the SoCs differ greatly. Apart from battery life, raw performance and whatnot, photography is a feature which even Samsung cannot control and the contrast between an Exynos-powered S10 and a Snapdragon-powered S10 is staggering.

First up is the front facing camera, the Exynos powered phone houses an isocell Samsung sensor while the other hosts a Sony IMX sensor. The results though are similar at the first glance. As we take a closer look, the Sony sensor seems to do a better job on shadows and sharpness the image is far more crisp on it. The isocell sensor holds up well but the image is more buffed up and the edges aren’t apparent. The colour toning on the Samsung sensor is far more vivid and vibrant.

The triple camera setup on the back of both the S10s are identical and the sensors are identical as well. The images, however, differ and differ unusually. The Snapdragon shines the brightest when both the phones are compared in rear-facing photography it just shows the growth of Qualcomm’s image processing technology. Despite various features provided by the Exynos processor, the Snapdragon leaves it in the dust and produces spectacular and consistent photographs. The image taken from any of the sensors is very well balanced, exposed to perfection and most importantly sharp. The isocell sensor, on the other hand, overexposes a bit and the colour reproduction is definitely lacking.

It clearly shows how much a change in SoC could bring in photography and most importantly image processing. The Exynos is clearly behind the Snapdragon 845 and it just shows how much stuff there is for Samsung to learn in this particular department.

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