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Fortnite Gets A Major Performance & Competitive Overhaul Following Season 9 Launch

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Fortnite is about to hit its second year next month. As Season 9 launches, Epic is making sure that its strong player base continues to stick with the game. Following some major disruptions and radical changes during the Fortnite World Cup, Epic has announced that they would be pushing major overhauls to the competitive side of Fortnite as well as introduce some major performance patches along the way.

Beginning with the performance side of Fortnite, Epic has announced that would be fixing several performances regressions. As expected, these major overhauls would be making their way to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch, and mobile. Epic Games says that they have laid the foundation for these improvements with Update 9.01, but would be adding a few more with Update 9.10 next week.

Coming over to the competitive side of Fortnite, Epic has announced some rules and changes that would be put into place as the Fortnite World Cup is underway.

Aside from removing vehicles altogether, Epic has announced that they would be re-instating the vehicles with the next update where they expect the issue to have be resolved.

In addition to that, Epic has also announced that they would be introducing some rules for Duo players who are competing in the World Cup. According to Epic, duos who unfortunately lose a partner to a disconnect or some issue are able to leave the game without facing any penalties. However, if a duo partner has left the scene and you’re left to fend off the other teams, it would be up to you to either back down or double down as the penalty would be in full-effect if you plan to leave the game after the Battle Bus launches.

Lastly, Epic has announced that they would be pushing an additional fix to Fortnite later this week with Update 9.10. The fix involves correcting the suppression of build sounds with gun-fire as well as landing at certain velocities without a sound.

None of the other issues were announced in the blog post. However, with three to four days left before the patch notes roll in, Epic may very well be able to gather some more bugs in the game. Let’s hope that’s the case.


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