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Doom Eternal To Get Rid of Denuvo In Its Next Update, Confirms id Software

Denuvo anti-cheat has been a major part of Bethesda’s Doom Eternal. The newest addition to the Doom franchise was arguably one of the best games by Bethesda and immediately took the gaming world by storm. Hosting not only hardcore Doom fans but even newbies into its well built FPS experience the game had almost everything right. Except almost doesn’t mean everything.

In a recent Reddit post, Executive Producer at id Software, in fact, confirm that the new update would, in fact, remove Denuvo protection on Doom Eternal at least for the campaign mode. Moreover, he stated that the newest update on PCs would remove the protection for single-player modes and the backlash over at Bethesda is unnecessary given that the implementation of Denuvo was completely id Software’s doing.

Certainly, the extremely negative feedback has in fact made folks over at id Software to change things up. Furthermore, the executive confirms that the various bugs and performance issues are totally unrelated to the Denuvo problem and would be addressed in the next update. The anti-cheat is to remain active for multiplayer mode given its importance over there.

Doom Eternal To Get Rid of Denuvo In Its Next Update, Confirms id Software 4

Denuvo anti cheat’s been a part and parcel of the game since its launch and fans weren’t exactly happy by its implication. Such aggressive behaviour by an anti-cheat DRM was, of course, absurd yet justifiable considering how much security matters for both the player base and the developers. Except the tradeoffs were immense.

Taking control of your storage, having needed a constant online verification and much more is just too much to bear for a game that doesn’t even qualify as an esports title. Naturally, fans took the debate to Reddit and expressed how the freedom given to Denuvo is much more than many are willing to sacrifice and thankfully the devs have heard your cries.

The most recent update over at Doom Eternal addressed a lot of things addressed by fans which is an exceptional sign. Considering how the studio open to suggestions from its player base is nothing short of amazing. If Bethesda keeps on adding tweaks, fixes and new content accordingly, the game surely has a lot more potential unlike many of Bethesda’s “broken” games.

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