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EA Play Goes Digital In 2020, Debuts On June 11th

EA Play like many gaming events was targetted by this never-ending quarantine. With the likes of E3 being cancelled this year not much was expected by anyone at this point. However, EA had other plans for 2020. Yes its official EA Play goes completely digital this year. Dubbed “Play Live” folks will be able to tune in on June 11th.

EA Play has been undoubtedly one of the most anticipated gaming events and enthusiasts were definitely looking forward to them however 2020 had other plans in mind. EA Play traditionally offered a display of new and upcoming EA titles and a wide variety of activities like competitions, community streams, celebrity appearances and much more.

While this year’s event won’t be a meet and greet style event fans couldn’t have asked for more. The digital platform like I’ve talked before not only appeals to a wider audience but also has more potential when it comes to activities and much more. Earlier this week we were introduced to Summer Game Fest 2020 that takes a very similar approach to gaming events.

Having everything go digital and go free targets a wider audience and a better response from gamers is to be expected. The event begins at 4 pm PST on June 11th. While little to no information has been given out about the new upcoming titles fans go wild guessing titles like Anthem 2.0, Titanfall 3 and whatnot.

Turns out this self-isolation period isn’t actually that bad for gamers given the fact that timely content keeps coming up and that digital events keep up on the rise. With the likes of Fortnite taking place of virtual concerts and completely virtual gaming events hosted by tech giants like EA and much more.

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