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Mafia Could Be Getting A Remastered Series – A Tweet By Their Main Twitter Teased

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Ibtehaj Temuri
Ibtehaj Temuri
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Mafia Game’s official twitter has suddenly posted a tweet that goes “Family”. Basically the twitter account handled by the franchise has been dead for almost a couple of years. With the latest addition to the franchise being released over four years ago, this tweet is no coincidence.

Now many may think that the handlers probably got bored out of their minds during this quarantine season but fans have to say otherwise. The comments section is filled with countless theories about what the tweet may have been. Some say that they’re working on a sequel to their Mafia franchise while others are guessing for a spin-off series.

It could also mean that Mafia is finally looking forward to actually making a game for next generation consoles. Considering how many of our gaming events got cancelled this year the only way to know for sure is a direct release.

While all of these guesses are a wild hunch and probably result in a dead-end some theorists might add the fact that Mafia might actually be working on a remaster series. Now the original Mafia and Mafia 2 have been fan favourites and even nostalgic for some. The games offered beautiful graphics considering the time period but the real star of the show was the storyline.

Considering the fact that its been so long since a proper Mafia game and the fact that Mafia 3 was sort of underwhelming for many can, in fact, fund the hunch that a remastered game may, in fact, coming. For a Twitter account that has been dead for the past two years this is most certainly a power move to assert hype and it seems to work.

The tweet instantly got viral and is now turning heads all around the gaming world. While it only said “Family” fans are hoping for more details soon.


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