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Sony Announces PlayStation Studios Branding For Its Exclusives – Set To Debut Alongside The PS5

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Ibtehaj Temuri
Ibtehaj Temuri
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Today Sony announced PlayStation Studios branding to unite all of its first-party studios under one uniform name and a uniform outlook. Having such amazing first-party developers and game studios for the PlayStation has always played to Sony’s key. In fact, some may say that having such remarkable exclusives is the only thing that makes the PlayStation franchise shine.

Since everything was going so well why have a branding change you may ask? Well for starters having uniformity is always welcome and the fact that this change is more for the consumers than the actual studios or developers. With this, they’ve launched a brand new logo and a seventeen-second animated clip featuring all the amazing exclusives these studios have been able to produce over these years.

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PlayStation Studios Animation

Synonymous with impressive award-winning titles like God of War, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Little Big Planet and so many more the PlayStation Studios branding is to go live alongside the PS5. Sony stated that this move was to bring total uniformity for consumers so that they know exactly where the game they play came from.

To be quite honest it works, enthusiasts are to begin relating the PlayStation Studios logo with impressive, engaging and jaw-dropping titles and to have such an impact is just the cherry on top. It is clear that the new logo is to be synonymous with exclusive titles produced/ managed by Sony however this does not at all mean that Sony owns the developer or the studio. What this means is that they were the first in line to get the product and that they were the ones playing as a catalyst in its production.

Moreover, with exclusives like The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima well underway the PlayStation Studios branding won’t be making its way on them and similarly, they won’t be able to make it for Horizon Zero Dawn’s PC release. Similarly, they also revealed that titles released on other platforms would still hold the PlayStation Studios branding no matter what.

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The logo itself is to be placed on physical disks and is to represent its exclusive stance wherever placed.


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