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VR Headset Users Skyrocket Post Half-Life: Alyx Release On Steam

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VR headsets have been around for a while now and have always been considered to be the pinnacle of modern technology in general. With huge potential VR’s immersive qualities are just too good to be true. However, the adaptation of VR wasn’t as quick as some may have thought. Mostly due to the fact that they require somewhat beefy specs and themselves arent cheap by any standards.

All this changed though just after the release of the anticipated sequel to the iconic birth mother of Counter-Strike, Half-Life. Half-Life: Alyx wasn’t the Half-Life 3 fans expected but was something totally different altogether. The only VR factor appealed a lot to enthusiasts and upon its release steam saw a huge flux in VR headset users.

Courtesy: RoadToVR

The latest Steam charts explained linearly by folks over at “RoadtoVR” show that about 1.91% of Steam users had VR headset connected just over the course of April. Compare that to less than 1% of users recorded just back in January 2020. With an almost 300% increment in VR users, a lot could be concluded from the given data.

Courtesy: RoadToVR

First off the given data shows that just how much we could achieve if proper first-party content were to release exclusively on the VR platform. Moreover the fact that Half-Life beautifully took advantage of every VR function only strengthen people’s faith in VR. It is expected that the month of April alone added users around 950,000 to the platform. Now, this doesn’t precisely convert to VR’s sold in a month since there is no account for how many were returning users.

Nevertheless, a number close to 1 million is baffling at any given stance. Now the real question remains is that how many are to stay and how much does the VR population fluctuates in the coming days. Of course the release of Half-Life: Alyx acted as a catalyst in boosting these numbers yet having a million player raise is definitely not something small.


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