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Witcher Game With Ciri As Protagonist Likely In The Future, Teases CD Projekt Red

The Witcher franchise has been an active part of our modern pop culture. The original novels making up for the literature enthusiasts while the videogame trilogy allowing for a more extended experience is something fans love and adore. Moreover, just last year was the release of the Witcher Netflix series.

The show single-handedly took the franchise towards the mainstream audience with the adventures of Geralt beautifully portrayed by none other than Henry Cavill. While the topic of Witcher remains hot Jakub Szamałek in a recent interview with VG24/7 revealed that a Witcher video game would definitely be interesting in the future with Ciri as the main protagonist.

The interview continued and the lead writer continued to show interest in the future of the franchise and expressed his disappointment in the fact that the Witcher 3 couldn’t allow for Ciri to get enough screen time. While the story basically revolved around her not much could have been done and the adored character was gone for 70% of the game.

The novels definitely do justice to the character and with such a beautifully written work of fiction, it is more than likely that fans would love to explore the early stages of her life and then as a proper protagonist in our classic RPG fashion. While the studio itself is set completely on the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 set for release later this year fans are excited to finally experience the visual masterpiece the game’s been.

After countless delays, expectations are higher than ever and a successful launch would further solidify the belief of many in the studio. This would act as a sole driving force for the studio to experiment more and try out things in a more creative manner. All this paired with next-generation graphics and visuals would definitely be something to look out for.

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