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Daredevil Game Featuring Troy Baker Once Again Mentioned In A Deleted Tweet By Marvel Games Head

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Ibtehaj Temuri
Ibtehaj Temuri
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Daredevil’s popularity has been on the rise ever since the Netflix TV Show took off and took the modern superhero world by storm. Introducing a fresh take on the classic hero formula the Daredevil character is something fans admire for being extremely well written and organized.

However, things don’t stop here. Troy Baker, famous artist and Marvel Games head have previously been in a fun banter giving subtle hints to a Daredevil game in production. While it seemed far fetched more like something out of fun and boredom yet there has been a follow up to that. The now-deleted tweet by Bill Roseman directly confronted Troy with a statement saying that anything he tweets would make headlines.

Source: Reddit

Despite that, the show was cancelled after having only 3 renewals. However, Marvel seems to be on the move with its comic-book affiliated videogames. With the success of the Spider-Man series and now the upcoming Avengers it seems that they plan on making a complete universe.

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Having said that he also quoted legendary Stan Lee’s “Nuff Said, True Believers!”

While little to no concrete information is given about the actual production of the game. It can’t just be pure coincidence especially with Troy Baker on board with voicing DD. It seems as if they’re trying to start off a whole new universe in the gaming world while we await further concrete proof.


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