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Nintendo Shares Climb By Over 2.7%, Hitting A 12-Year High Record

Nintendo shares shot past the 50,000 Yen barrier in Tokyo just this Thursday as sources claim. In these tough times of the ongoing pandemic, Nintendo’s stock presence was under a threat however the gap was quickly covered up.

With more and more folks staying at home, the handheld hybrid console saw a boost in popularity as more and more places were sold out and demand increased. Moreover, the announcements of new games by Nintendo played a key role in raking in the profits. Pokemon snap supposedly having a sequel on the Switch including a special “Big News” from the devs seemingly played as catalysts in this sudden burst.

Nintendo Shares Climb By Over 2.7%, Hitting A 12-Year High Record 4

Furthermore, the ongoing pandemic also saw more and more players enjoying indie titles true to Nintendo’s roots including the ever so famous Animal Crossing. Having an emulator expansion namely Animal Crossing: Horizons also allowed for a huge influx of players coming in from all sorts of backgrounds only to enjoy the simplistic achievements of the studio.

All these events led the shares to shoot past 2.7% in Tokyo. The last time the shares broke past the 50k barrier was in 2007 when the Wii was on the high tide with unbeatable popularity reaching over 70,000 Yen.

Over the past couple of months it was clear that the Japanese giant was struggling yet it finally came forward and all these events resulted in a record high tide in over 12 years.

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