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Ghost of Tsushima Sets A New Record For Fastest Selling Digital Game On The PS4

Ghost of Tsushima, one of PS4’s two end-of-generation exclusives released this year proved to be a major success for Sucker Punch and for Sony as a whole. The studio despite no prior experience in the genre provided a spectacular, mature and detailed experience for enthusiasts longing for a samurai game since forever.

The game itself has been doing quite well with its opening sales breaking all sorts of records especially in Japan where the story originates from. July’s numbers have made their way on the internet courtesy of folks over at Super Data. The newest report more specifically the newest IP report of the game confirms over 1.9 million units of the game were sold digitally just last month matching Horizon Zero Dawn’s record after two months of its launch. Overtaking various exclusive titles like Days Gone and Last of Us Part 2 whom many considered the epitome of PS4 at their respective launches.

Moreover, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has clearly minimized other methods of purchase forcing many to opt for a digital solution. However, these numbers are more than vital for Sony’s speculation of digital game sales. Considering they’ve gone all out for a completely digital PS5 it is more than likely for them to double down on their online appeal and presence.

Just recently, folks over at Sucker Punch announced a new update featuring a new co-op mode for the game totally separate from Jin’s canon storyline. The update is to make its way this Fall and is sure to bring in more players towards the game.

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