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Speculation On Nintendo’s Next Console Begin As We Near Almost 4 Years Of Nintendo Switch

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Ibtehaj Temuri
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Nintendo Switch was first introduced in 2017 with a rather unique approach to the modern gaming industry. Prioritizing portable play and ease of access over raw power, the console gained popularity over time thanks to its versatile library filled with exclusive titles. As we near the console’s 4th-anniversary fan theories and speculation about the next Nintendo console have already started to pop up. While Sony and Microsoft did go for a mid-generation refresh with beefier specs and certain additional features, Nintendo doesn’t seem to have that sort of issue at hand. The whole gameplan for the Japanese company relies solely on its consumer base and the release of first-party titles.

Inviting folks regardless of their background to its own platform, Nintendo seems to thrive in making new customers and it does so by producing interactive, fun and addictive games fit for all ages. A recent Tweet by Takashi Mochizuki states that the word “Switch Pro” never came up in his stories all this time. Be it trivial, the information itself makes up more than enough to hint a new console being introduced most likely next year.

With a veteran video game analyst Daniel Ahmad replying with “Switch U” on the matter we could very well be looking at a mid-generation refresh from Nintendo. The new updated console could very well come with beefier specs and enough horsepower to expand through AAA titles. Not much is to go on here however now is certainly the time to start speculating about the next Nintendo console.


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