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Suicide Squad Game Developed By Rocksteady To Be Revealed At The DC Fandome Event

Rocksteady has been closely working together with folks over at Warner Bros and over time have provided fans with brilliant memorable titles like Batman Arkham Asylum and the whole Batman series in that case. While fans were so focussed on the Batman franchise, just yesterday Rocksteady’s Twitter lit up with just a poster showcasing the Suicide Squad logo.

There were quite a few rumours going on about how the next Batman game would feature a completely different storyline and that it would be a spin-off series however nobody expected them to drop something like a different game. Complete details about the whole game are set to be revealed at the upcoming DC Fandome event taking place this August 22nd.

Some may argue the fact that having such an important release just thrown away with a singular post is a major waste and hurts the hype for the game yet the hype never settles down especially when Superman is involved. The revealed image clearly shows Superman in the background which might eventually lead to standalone Supes game fans have been craving since forever.

Moreover having other characters of the universe brought together would further pave way for their standalone titles. As we’ve discussed previously, DC plans on rebooting its universe both in terms of cinema and in terms of video games and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Having gone through various stages of experimentation if the folks over at Warner Bros feel confident now would only mean better things for us in the future leading to remarkable games.

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