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eFootball 2022 Launch Delayed to Next Year

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Konami’s eFootball 1.0 release has been pushed to 2022 and the mobile version of the same has seemingly been postponed indefinitely. The news is based on the newly published blog post from Konami that highlights the present condition of eFootball.

According to IGN, the crew needs a bit more time to foster the 1.0 patch and rectify errors that currently exist in the current “demo” version of the game.

“We would like to inform you that the v1.0.0 update for eFootball 2022, scheduled to be released on November 11, 2021, has been postponed until Spring 2022,” the blog post reads. “Also, we would like to announce the cancellation and automatic refunds of eFootball 2022 Premium Player Pack, which includes items that can only be used in-game after the v1.0.0 update.”

Konami claims it has been trying hard on delivering a patch that would include fresh content to the title, along with a new model for the series where gamers may “enhance and compete with an original team,” as well as mobile versions. Those mobile versions, on the other hand, appear to be on hold forever.

The post reads “Unfortunately, we have concluded that more time is needed to deliver the product in the quality that will meet the expectations of our users and have decided to postpone the delivery.”

Meanwhile, Konami says v0.9.1 will be released today to “address several bugs sequentially on every platform,” and that it will continue to evolve and upgrade eFootball 2022 over time. More information and updates on the mobile versions will be revealed soon.

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Konami has also taken eFootball’s contentious premium player pack off the market (its contents require the v1.0.0. upgrade to function), and all pre-orders will be promptly refunded.

The title launched in an exclusive demo with 1V1 matches in challenge and 1v1 against CPU being the only playable modes. The debut was so disastrous that eFootball went down in history as one of the worst-reviewed videogame ever on Steam.

After the pre-order has been revoked, users who pre-ordered it on Xbox or Pc will have to re-download eFootball 2022. This is not the case with Steam. Existing play data, including GPs, gained, records of accomplished events, and outcomes of ranked matches, should not be affected if users employ the same account. Konami asserted “We apologize for the inconvenience.”

“Please understand that we have made this choice to make sure that your experience with eFootball 2022 for mobile is the best one possible. To this end, all of us are fully committed to work on both the mobile and console versions to improve the gaming experience for everyone. “We promise this wait will be worth it, so please continue giving us your kind support for eFootball PES 2021 and eFootball 2022.”

Prior to the launch, Konami announced that the first beta update would include Creative Teams, which harkens back to PES’ myClub style, new player types ( Trending, Featured, Legendary, and Standard) loot boxes, and a plethora of latest modes such as Tour Event, eFootball Creative League, Online Quick Match, Online Match Lobby modes, and Challenge Event.

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Konami was also chastised for marketing a £33 premium player package for eFootball that wasn’t available until November. This premium player package was supposed to provide gamers with “chance deal stuff” (loot boxes, effectively).


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