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Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast & Storyline

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I’m the guy you see dancing in the rain in the middle of the night. Pursuing my bachelor’s in literature, I love to read and write and I’m somewhat of a decent storyteller. A die-hard fan of Miyazaki and Murakami and my go-to quote is “The past is a foreign country, we do things differently there”.

I believe this was long expected as the Netflix original series Ginny & Georgia has officially been approved by the streaming giant for a second season. When Ginny & Georgia first aired on Netflix, it could have been used as a pretext for a Gilmore Girls-style series -a delicate mother-daughter drama that was comfortable to follow and palatable.

However, Netflix with producer Sarah Lampert and showrunner Debra J. Fisher stuffed the series to the brim. It’s like a roller coaster ride for the main protagonists, who transition between love interests, deceit, new friendships, a mayoral contest, and, of course, illegal activity in a matter of episodes.


There are a lot of laughs sprinkled throughout Ginny and Georgia’s tales of adolescence mixed with moments of suspense. In simple words, there’s something for everyone in this daughter-mother drama. So, buckle up, and here’s our everything guide to Ginny & Georgia season 2.

Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, Ginny & Georgia Season 2 isn’t gracing our screen anytime soon. According to What’s On Netflix despite being renewed in April, the series didn’t begin production until November. In mid-October, Ginny & Georgia Instagram post captioned-

“Gearing up to film season two let’s take a peek back at filming season one episode one.”

So, when can we look forward to watching it on Netflix shortly? A little more than a year was spent filming the first season, and according to What’s on Netflix, “the best guess right now is that Ginny & Georgia season 2 will pull onto Netflix in mid-to-late 2022.”

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Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Cast

The announcement video for Season 2 of Ginny and Georgia has given us a good idea of who will be returning. This time around, the producers and writers Debra J. Fisher and Sarah Lampert released a video announcement on YouTube that featured some of the actors. Go have a look!

Of course, there won’t be a Ginny and Georgia without Ginny and Georgia played by Antonia Gentry and Brianne Howey.  They’ll be back, for sure.

Diesel La Torraca will reprise his role as Austin, Ginny’s younger brother, in the upcoming season. The Blue Farm Cafe’s operator, Raymond Ablack, has agreed to return as well. Besides Sara Waisglass as Maxine, we’ll also get to witness Felix Mallard as her younger brother Marcus and Jennifer Robertson as their mother. Scott Porter is also expected to reprise his role as Mayor Paul.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Plot And Story

The first season concluded with a slew of unanswered questions. Did Austin and Ginny truly flee? What’s going on with Marcus and Ginny? Is Georgia’s marriage to the mayor going to happen? Meanwhile, Georgia is also on the verge of ending up in the clink. We want to know!

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Fortunately, we do have an answer. Gentry explained where Ginny is heading in a conversation with TV Line. Zion handed Ginny a book with a hidden secret code in it, and unless you weren’t paying attention you’ll know when he gave her the book and wrote an address. She figures out that it’s his address to his Boston home, so I’m thinking that Ginny could be traveling toward Zion.”

Whatever transpires, we are sure to know that Ginny & Georgia season 2 will not shy away from highlighting diverse characters and several relatable situations. Ginny & Georgia’s reluctance to shy away from important discussions regarding race, gender, sexuality, is one of the best aspects of the show. In a largely white town, Ginny’s discontent and struggle to blend in are evident.

She also has a lesbian best buddy, Maxine (Sara Waisglass), who appears to be having a difficult time finding a date early on. While Maxine’s father, who is deaf, is included in the episode, and he spent an entire season just humming along. Binge Watchers! we’re in for a wild ride for good things come to those who wait.

Hit the comments and tell us your favorite season 1 moment. Stay connected with GeeksULTD to know the latest Hollywood gossips and news.


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